Beer and Cider Menu

Beer and Cider Menu

See below for our 2018 LS6 Beer Festival menu.  
  • Beer

  • Abbeydale - Daily Bread

    • Sheffield Bitter
    • ABV 3.8%

    A classic copper coloured English bitter. Well-balanced, copper coloured beer with malty flavours and a smooth bitter finish. Subtle hop characteristics from traditional Fuggles hops.

  • Abbeydale - Reaper

    • Sheffield Rhubarb & Rosemary Wheat
    • ABV 5.4%

    It's been a while since we last saw the Cereal Killer, but he's returned with an abundance of locally grown rhubarb, plus some very aromatic rosemary from our friends over the road at Heeley farm and made this slayer wheat beer.

  • Blackjack - Small Saison

    • Manchester Saison
    • ABV 4.5%

    A beautifully crafted session Saison with a fruity character, light spice notes and refreshing dry finish.

  • Bowland Brewery - Deer Stalker

    • Ribble Valley Stout
    • ABV 4.5%

    A superbly rich stout, strong in dark fruit flavours with a wonderful chocolaty finish. 

  • Brewyork - Brew York Brew York

    • York APA
    • ABV 5.0%

    Refreshing and light, citrusy with a hint of Blackcurrant. No bittering hop. Late hop additions only.

  • Brewyork - Triple H

    • York Hazy Pale
    • ABV 4.3%

    Triple H is a refreshing Hazy, Hoppy & Heavenly murk-bomb of a pale ale. The beer is intentionally hazy as the steps normally taken to clarify the beer have been skipped. And a few steps have even been taken to encourage haze formation. This better retains the delightful Citrus & Floral flavours of the Centennial, Citra & Mosaic hops within the beer.

  • Eyes Brewing - Heyday

    • Leeds Wheat
    • ABV 3.9%

    HEYDAY is an eminently pleasant pour. Brewed with barley, oats and raw wheat, HEYDAY is uniquely flavorful for such an easy-drinking ale.

  • Eyes Brewing - Libra

    • Leeds Wheat
    • ABV 4.2%

    This is Libra, a super tasty New England style pale Wheat Ale. Brewed with Summit hops late in the boil and double dry hopped with Ekuanot hops, it has a strong aromas and taste of tropical and citrus fruits. All in all an easy drinking thirst quencher.

  • Fernandes Brewery - Mr Bumble

    • Wakefield Dark Ale
    • ABV 4.3%

    NEW –A deep golden ale, full bodied and malty, brewed with honey

  • Hawkshead - NZPA

    • Hawkshead Strong Pale
    • ABV 6.0%

    Brewed with several varieties of New Zealand hops and created by a Kiwi, Head Brewer Matt Clarke. Passionfruit, mango and apricot aromas and a citrus bitterness are balanced by the sweetness of English Maris Otter barley to produce an extraordinary beer which showcases the unique hops of New Zealand.

  • Ilkley - Crossroads IPA

    • Ilkley West Coast IPA
    • ABV 5.4%

    Big floral notes compliment flavours of pine and mandarin, with a dry, spicy finish. A zesty and vibrant aroma, with stone fruit and citrus peel.

  • Ilkley - Le Beer

    • Ilkley French Blonde
    • ABV 4.5%

    Brewed to commemorate this years Tour de Yorkshire, and available in limited quantity. French hops and French yeast combine to add a little joie de vivre to proceedings.

  • Ilkley - Tribus Lupulus v3.4

    • Ilkley Revolving Hop Pale
    • ABV 4.4%

    Our April release of this monthly series: As ever, it's the same crisp pale backbone, showcasing a new-to-market hop, in this case HBC 431, a big hitter and so can rub shoulders with Citra and Comet (all US).

  • Meanwood - Black Goddess

    • Meanwood Dark
    • ABV 4.9%

    Chocolate, caramel, and liquorish all bound together by the delicious taste of medium toast French oak. Black Goddess delivers a silky-smooth drinking experience for the discerning dark beer drinker.

  • Meanwood - Exile

    • Meanwood Sour Weisse
    • ABV 3.4%

    Exile is our take on the traditional German sour wheat beer. Flavoured with blackberries and oats, it tastes like that old family favourite, blackberry crumble. 

  • North Brewing Co. - Sputnik

    • North Brewing Co. Pale
    • ABV 5.0%

    Everyone's favourite hazy-but-crisp American pale ale. Light in colour and body with assertive piney bitterness and a fruity candy aroma.

  • North Brewing Co. - Transmission

    • North Brewing Co. IPA - American
    • ABV 6.9%

    A classic American IPA. Aroma and flavor dominate - Pine, Citrus, from U.S hops, whilst new varieties add tropical fruit. This is a hugely drinkable Beer with a light body and dry finish.


  • Ossett Brewery - Big Red

    • Wakefield Red Ale
    • ABV 4.0%

    Brewed with pale, wheat, crystal and chocolate malts, this is a rich, full bodied ruby red ale, bursting with complex flavours. Citrus, fruit and spice aromas dominate.

  • Ridgeside - Plato Calypso

    • Ridgeside Pale
    • ABV 3.8%

    All pale malt base and low abv let the late kettle hops sing. Calypso features crisp, fruity aromas and flavors that exhibit elements of apple, pear and stone fruit brightened with hints of lime citrus. It is marvelously complex with an almost understated earthy, tea-like note.


  • Ridgeside - Stargazer IPA

    • Ridgeside IPA
    • ABV 5.0%

    Light amber in colour, our 5.0% IPA is a blend of juicy New World hops and substantial English malts. Bitter, pithy and aromatic.

  • Riverhead Brewery - Black Moss Stout

    • Huddersfield Stout
    • ABV 4.3%

    A heavy, jet black stout. Roast malt dominates on the palate.

  • Roosters - Baby Faced Assassin IPA

    • Yorkshire IPA
    • ABV 6.1%

    Brewed with 100% Citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness, the Baby-Faced Assassin is a deceptively drinkable India Pale Ale that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Be careful or it might sneak up on you!

  • Roosters - Jubilee

    • Yorkshire Cucumber Pale
    • ABV 4.0%

    Light, crisp and easy drinking, Jubilee is a cucumber pale ale inspired by the garden and street parties hosted across the country during the Queen's Jubilee year. Delicate and refreshing. 

  • Saltaire - Easy Road IPA

    • Saltaire IPA
    • ABV 4.1%

    A light and easy-drinking pale brewed with fresh, citrusy American hops.

  • Sunbeam Ales - Sun Kissed

    • Leeds Pale
    • ABV 3.7%

    A pale hop extravaganza, lots of US and NZ hops makes this a fruity session ale.


  • Sunbeam Ales - Sunny Day IPA

    • Leeds IPA
    • ABV 6.5%

    A Strong IPA with a complex malt bill to carry the substantial quantities of US and NZ hops, tropical fruitiness with a lingering bitter finish.

  • Rat Brewery - RATMAGEDDON

    • Huddersfield Brown IPA
    • ABV 5.8%

    NEW Brown IPA.  This hop-forward beer is dry, bitter and intensely hoppy with a blend of Simcoe & Centennial and dry-hopped with Mosaic hops.   Full of spicy, citrussy hop flavours and aromas in contrast to its dark, roasted malt character.

  • Zapato - Delegate Zero

    • Marsden Porter
    • ABV 6.2%

    A steadfast Baltic Porter, Bramling Cross Vs Sorachi Ace

  • Zapato - Zapatable

    • Marsden Pale
    • ABV 5.5%

    All Citra in the brew - Double Dry Hopped with Mosaic/Eukanot.

  • Cider

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  • Ampleforth - Traditional

    • Medium
    • ABV 6.5%

    Medium dry unique and unusual blend without cider apples. Award winning Yorkshire cider made by Benedictine monks

  • Bottle Kicking - Scrummage

    • East Midlands Dry
    • ABV 6.5%

    Dry sharp traditional farmhouse cider from East Mids Apples

  • Broadoak - Chilli and Pear

    • Clutton Perry
    • ABV 4.0%

    Our classic National Gold Award winning Perry expertly blended with an influence of South East Asia chilies imparting a lovely warm finish.

  • Broadoak - Rum & Raisin

    • Clutton sweet
    • ABV 4.0%

    Moonshine premium cider has been infused with rum and raisin invoking the flavours of the warm and sunny West lndies. A classy cider and very drinkable

  • Farmer Jim's - Rhubarb Bob

    • Devon Fruit
    • ABV 4.0%

    Medium tangy rhubarb and gentle vanilla sweetness

  • Farmer Jim's - Rootin Tootin

    • Devon Fruit
    • ABV 4.0

    Spicy mix of freshly ground ginger and tart raspberry

  • Gwatkin Cider - Silly Ewe

    • Abbeydore Dry
    • ABV 4.5%

    It's no secret sheep are not known for their intelligence. This dry, crisp cider mixes well with all meat. 

  • Leeds Urban Harvest

    • Leeds Dry
    • ABV %

    Leeds Urban Harvest is a community project that collects, processes and makes use of surplus fruit that would otherwise go to waste, from trees and bushes in both public and private spaces.


  • Lyme Bay - Ernie Boys Scrumpy

    • Devon Medium
    • ABV 6.0%

    Medium traditional still scrumpy cider.

  • Millwhites - Rioja Cask Matured

    • Somerset Dry
    • ABV 6.7%

    This cider conjures up thoughts of long lazy days in the heat of the Spanish sun. Aged in Rioja casks this cider is our driest offering, full of fruit flavour, with a warm glow of red wine and hints of wood tannin.

  • Mr. Whitehead - The Devils Device

    • Hampshire Medium
    • ABV 8.4%

    Dry, clear and golden in colour with a full bodied smell.

  • Nempnett - Piglets Perry

    • Somerset Perry
    • ABV 7.0%

    Medium sweet cloudy straw colour with floral pear aroma.

  • Premium Drinks - Blueberry

    • Bingely Fruit
    • ABV 7.3%

    Very very blue an excellent cider in taste and appearance! Smooth and fruity.


  • Premium Drinks - Cherry

    • Bingley Fruit Perry
    • ABV 7.5%

    Fruit perry

  • Premium Drinks - Passion Fruit

    • Bingley Fruit Perry
    • ABV 7.5%

    Easy to drink, full of fruity flavour and sweet

  • Premium Drinks - Raspberry

    • Bingley Fruit
    • ABV 7.5%

    Beautifully tarty and refreshing! Summery and perfect. 

  • Pure North - Sweet Union

    • Holmfirth Medium
    • ABV 5.5%

    Medium Sweet cloudy full flavour apples from Yorks and Lancs - a sweet union!


  • The Thistly Cross - Elderflower

    • Dunbar Fruit
    • ABV 4.0%

    Blended with fresh elderflowers, colour is caramel. Fruity nose & dry on the palate. Refreshing, distinctive & zesty.

  • The Thistly Cross - Jaggy Thistle

    • Dunbar Dry
    • ABV 7.4%

    Dry vintage scrumpy matured in wooden casks.