Beer and Cider Menu

Beer and Cider Menu

See below for our 2017 LS6 Beer Festival menu.  
  • Beer

  • Acorn Brewery - Azaca

    • Wakefield IPA
    • ABV 5%
  • Acorn - Heart of Oak

    • Wakefield Bitter
    • ABV 4.5%

    Pale straw coloured premium bitter. Slight sweet biscuit malt background with a fruity hop aroma of apricots, lemon and passion fruit.

  • Bradford Brewery - Northern Soul

    • Bradford Pale
    • ABV 3.8%

    We wouldn’t be a true Yorkshire Brewery without Golden Yorkshire Bitter. A deep golden ale made using the finest English hops. Caramel and malty goodness set against fresh hops with a smooth mouth feel, creamy white head and a subtle bitter aftertaste.

  • Bradford Brewery - Odsal Top

    • Bradford Bitter
    • ABV 4%

    Back to the roots of a Northern English Brown Ale. It’s all about the malt in this one. Chocolate and biscuit malt provide the background to this rich velvety and balanced beer. Nutty, biscuit and hints of caramel. Odsal’s malt is complemented by subtle herb and woody hop character. 

  • Bad Seed Brewery - Orange IPA

    • Malton IPA
    • ABV 7%

    Seville Orange IPA. The winning combination of fruit sweetness, balanced bitterness and a big hit of orange makes for a classic marmalade - or a sensational IPA!

  • Elland Brewery - Beyond the Pale

    • Leeds Pale
    • ABV 4.2%

    A pale golden bitter brewed with a touch of Munich Malt and a pronounced floral aroma and finish from the North American Cascade hops

  • Elland Brewery - Maximum Darkness

    • Leeds Oatmeal Stout
    • ABV 4.4%

    A darker than dark Oatmeal Stout with deep rich coffee and chocolate malt flavors, a sweetness on the palate and a satisfying bitter finish. Maximum more-ishness ! 

  • Fernandes - Jackdaw Mild

    • Ossett Bitter
    • ABV 5%

    Sweet fruity, toffee aroma, deep chestnut brown with a thin bubbly cream head and patterned lacing, chocolate, blackcurrant flavors

  • Ilkley - Hanging Stone

    • Ilkley Oatmeal Stout
    • ABV 5%

    This Oatmeal Stout takes its place as our ever-present dark ale. Rich and creamy, with a bitter finish of forest fruits and coffee. A nose of treacle, chocolate and smoke.

  • Ilkley - Spring

    • Ilkley Oatmeal Pale
    • ABV 4%

    Developed to ease us into spring with a softly softly approach, we’ve combined some of our favorite hops from our favorite countries: New Zealand, Australia and America. 

  • Ilkley - Ruby Jane

    • Ilkley Ruby Mild
    • ABV 4%

    The combination of 7 malts gives you complex biscuit layers of flavor, with a velvety smooth palate and creamy head. There is a soft bitterness from the hops.

  • Kelham Island - Riders of the Storm

    • Sheffield Blonde
    • ABV 4.5%

    A pleasant refreshing golden ale brewed with a blend of pale malts with a hint of crystal malt and roasted barley the sweet aroma is of incense and elderberry with hints of caramel spiciness for an unforgettable pint.

  • Leeds Brewery - Ten

    • Leeds Pale
    • ABV 4.7%

    This is a beer that celebrates our 10th Birthday and uses the Denali hop which has never been used in the UK before.

  • North Brewing Co. - PI√ĎATA

    • Leeds Tropical Pale
    • ABV 4.5%

    Four different tropical fruits to pair with plenty of new world hops. Mandarin and grapefruit peel were used in the kettle plus Guava and Mango

  • North Brewing Co. - Transmission

    • Leeds IPA - American
    • ABV 6.9%

    A classic American IPA. Aroma and flavor dominate - Pine, Citrus, from U.S hops, whilst new varieties add tropical fruit. This is a hugely drinkable Beer with a light body and dry finish.


  • North Riding - Mandarina Bavaria

    • Scarborough Pale
    • ABV 4.5%
  • Northern Monk - Eternal

    • Leeds IPA
    • ABV 4.1%

    The hit of a heavily hopped IPA, with the sessionability of classic UK pale ale. Simcoe and Centennial hops dominate this light blonde beer, contributing a big tangerine aroma and long, quenching citrus pith flavor, which goes on and on and on. 

  • Northern Monk - HELVELLYN

    • Leeds IPA
    • ABV 6.2%

    Light refreshing citrus flavors, underlying pith, stone fruit pinned by a soft biscuit malt character.

  • Ossett Brewery - South Pacific

    • Wakefield IPA
    • ABV 5%

    Straw coloured, fairly dry and has a high level of bitterness. Citrus and tropical fruit aroma. Light sweet taste with a big ballsy bitter finish.

  • Ossett Brewery - Dragon Bones

    • Wakefield Amber Ale
    • ABV 4.4%

    A red hop ale. Moderately bitter, but seasoned with generous quantities of Cashmere hops to give aromas of melon, lime, lemon and spice.

  • The Rat Brewery - Mother Rat

    • Huddersfield Sweet Stout
    • ABV 5.5%

    Treacle, roast, coffee aroma, opaque near black with a lasting good tan head, earthy, roast, coffee flavor, creamy, sweet, milky, malty aftertaste.

  • Ridgeside - Jailbreak

    • Leeds Golden Ale
    • ABV 3.8%

    An easy drinking pale session beer packed with loads of Chinook & Nelson Sauvin hop flavor.


  • Ridgeside - Tell the Bees

    • Leeds Golden Ale
    • ABV 4.2%

    Honey & Oatmeal Amber Ale

  • Ridgeside - Black Night

    • Leeds Porter
    • ABV 5%

    Rolled oats, roasted to perfection, along with chocolate malt, roasted barley, and crystal malt help to give this strong dark beer a complex malt character with a smooth mouth feel.

  • Sunbeam Ales - Thunder Road

    • Leeds Porter
    • ABV 6.6%

    Porter made with plums, coffee, liquorice and treacle


  • Sunbeam Ales - Chocolate Mild

    • Leeds Mild
    • ABV 4.8%

    Very chocolaty, mild and sweet 

  • Vocation - Bread & Butter

    • Hebden Bridge Pale
    • ABV 3.9%

    Layers of US hops are set against a backbone of British malts. Look out for fresh flavors and aromas of pine, peach, lychee & citrus fruits, tempered by a smoothly rounded bitterness to leave you wanting more.. 

  • Vocation Brewery - Chop & Change

    • Hebden Bridge Bitter
    • ABV 4.5%

    This is our 'white label' beer, brewed in limited production runs so you might never see the same beer twice. We use a simple pale malt profile, and generous additions of named hops to allow the characteristics of those hops to really shine through.  

  • Yorkshire Heart - Pedal Pusher

    • York IPA
    • ABV 5%

    Our tour de Yorkshire special beer with its continental recipe brewed to a true Yorkshire taste.

  • Cider

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  • Celtic Marches - Slack Alice

    • Worcester Pyder
    • ABV 4.5%

    A medium well rounded cider, still mellow with a very slight tart finish.

  • Bracken Edge - FV4

    • Leeds Medium
    • ABV 5.7%

    2015 vintage, community brewed. Matured for over a year, it's deceptively easy to quaff, capturing the essence of apples; sweet with a sharp dry finish.


  • Broadoak - Moonshine

    • Clutton Pyder
    • ABV 7.5%

    Pure apples, doesn't taste alcoholic. Very dangerous! So smooth and extremely drinkable

  • Glastonbury Cider - Soap Dodger Cider

    • Glastonbury Medium
    • ABV 4.8%

    Tangy sharp and fruity!

  • Gwatkin Cider - Silly Ewe

    • Abbeydore Dry
    • ABV 4.5%

    It's no secret sheep are not known for their intelligence. This dry, crisp cider mixes well with all meat. 

  • Hogans Cider - Harvest Press

    • Alcester Medium
    • ABV 5.3%

    A distinctively fresh bittersweet, still, cloudy cider. Appley aroma with peaty undertones, this medium dry cider is just challenging enough to be easy drinking

  • Premium Drinks - Blueberry

    • Bingely Fruit
    • ABV 7.3%

    Very very blue an excellent cider in taste and appearance! Smooth and fruity.


  • Premium Drinks - Passion Fruit

    • Bingley Fruit
    • ABV 7.3%

    Easy to drink, full of fruity flavour and sweet

  • Premium Drinks - Raspberry

    • Bingley Fruit
    • ABV 7.3%

    Beautifully tarty and refreshing! Summery and perfect. 

  • Pure North - Deanhouse

    • Holmfirth Dry
    • ABV 7%

    A dry cider made for festivals using mainly sharp and bitter-sharp cider fruit with the addition of some eating apples from gardens in Deanhouse.


  • Pure North - Valley Zest

    • Holmfirth Medium
    • ABV 7.2%

    Zesty and full of depth, good body, good finish.

  • Ross and Wye - Alpaca Perry

    • Ross-on-Wye Perry
    • ABV 6.5%

    Deceptive but well balanced Perry. Great sweetness, lovely long finish. 

  • Snails Bank - Elderflower - Gin and Tonic

    • Herefordshire Fruit
    • ABV 4%

    Subtle apple aromas mixed with a delicate bitterness from the G&T and a fruity sweetness from the Elderflower. Perfect English Refreshment

  • Snails Bank - Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit

    • Herefordshire Fruit
    • ABV 4%

    The sweet tasty Pineapple is balanced out by the tangy Grapefruit. English cider with a tropical twist!! 

  • The Thistly Cross - Traditional

    • Dunbar Medium
    • ABV 4.4%

    A medium-dry cider: light in color, it has a full aroma of freshly pressed apples. Smooth and fruity to taste, the flavor develops to reveal more complex flavors and just a hint of tartness on the finish.