Summer is here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. It may not be Christmas but it’s time for the summer group shows which is definitely a wonderful time of the year!

On Wednesday 12 July the third annual Summer Group Show will open at Left Bank Leeds. Featuring the work of over thirty artists selected from across the UK it will showcase an eclectic and diverse range of work in response to the theme of ‘movement’.

Yet again I have been extremely lucky to get a sneaky peek at the selected work in advance of the show. I was definitely intrigued to see how the relatively broad concept of movement has been interpreted, and I wasn’t disappointed by the diversity and richness of the responses.

We are challenged to consider the way humans move around their own environments and the wider world, and the impact this movement may have on both a personal and global level. We are challenged to explore the broader concepts of the movement of time, ideas and space; to consider the frenetic nature of repetition and the frustrated stillness of being unable to move. Viewers are are encourages to move, both emotionally and literally.

The standard of work across the exhibition is incredibly high, making it almost impossible to pick out any favourites but some personal highlights for me include:

Samantha Lourens’ ‘Being The Third Wheel No 2’, a sculptural installation that explores the artists experience of travel and residency.

Keren Zaltz’s ‘Heron’, a captivating animation exploring the work of the inventor and photographer Étienne-Jules Marey, who studied the movement of animals and humans in the late nineteenth century.

And Amy Bucki’s ‘Light Trails’, a series of long exposure photographs that turn a late night trip through usually familiar places into a slightly hallucinatory and chaotic experience.


The Summer Group Show: Movement opens on Wednesday 12 July, 6-9pm (please reserve a free place here to attend). The exhibition will remain open between 10am-4pm until Saturday 15 July and no booking is required. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge and everyone is welcome!

Eventbrite - Movement: Summer Group Show


Summer Group Show: Movement features artists Amy Bucki | Amy Wilds | Ann Barrass | Azadeh Hosseini | Ben Bucki | Campbell Mcconnell | Chelsie Dysart | Chloe Beecham | Chris Walkinshaw | Deborah Burnstone | Emily Knox | Eva Mileusnic | Janet Clegg | Jelena Lunge | Jessica Smith | Joseph Whitmore | Keren Zaltz | Lesly Wood | Lucie McGregor | Martin Wilson | Michelle Harrison | Ian Kirkpatrick | Natalie Searle | Nectarios Stamatopoulos | Pete Ellis | Phill Hopkins | Ralph Klewitz | Rob Harrington | Samantha Lourens | Sarah Anne Smith | Sarah Binless | Sarah Connell | Sarah Louise Hawkins | Simon Le Boggit | Sunna Yasin | Tora Hed

Text by Michelle who is an artist and photographer, her work can be found on the blog alabamathirteenImages with thanks to the artists.