New visual identity for Left Bank Leeds

Leeds College of Art student Elliott Brodowski creates new visual identity for Left Bank Leeds as part of a rebrand.

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You may have noticed in recent months that we have a beautiful new logo at Left Bank Leeds, or at least we hope you have! We thought it would be nice to find out a little bit more about the Leeds College of Art student, Elliott Brodowski, who created it.


Hi Elliott, can you tell us a bit about you?
I’ve been studying at Leeds College Of Art for three years and I am about to finish my degree. I really enjoy branding/logo development but I like to dabble in all sorts. Pushing a design is something I find very fun. I like to see what the project could do, can do or should do. That’s the exciting part about idea generation!

We’d love it if you could share a little bit about your inspiration and process in creating the new visual identity for Left Bank Leeds.
The new visual identity was influenced by the amazing building, using a simple flat design. The circle represents the shape of the light that the windows create. The windows bring such a large amount of light into the building, so this was a very important aspect and something I wanted to incorporate.

How beneficial was the experience of working on a live brief as a design student?
Working on a brief like this was amazing. It helped my confidence, presentation and my practise. I was really happy to be picked by Left Bank to develop the new brand with them. As a student it was a really great project to work on and I’ve had a lot of compliments about it.

And finally, now your time at Leeds College of Art is drawing to a close, what are your plans?
After graduation I’m going to start a career in graphic design or the design industry. I love design and making things so I can’t wait to start putting that into practise.

Here at Left Bank, we wish Elliott all the best with his future design career. If you would like to discover more of Elliott’s work you can follow him on Instagram @elliott.brodowskigd

Elliott’s work, including the Left Bank branding project, will be exhibited as part of the Leeds College of Art degree show, Made Here. The show will be open to the public from 11 – 16 June. Full details, including opening times are available here.

Text by Michelle who is an artist and photographer, her work can be found on the blog alabamathirteen.
Images by court.