Celebrating Art and Beer

Earlier this month, we opened our doors to the 8th annual LS6 Beer Festival at Left Bank Leeds.  Over 1,000 people enjoyed a pint in our amazing building and chilling on the lawn in the sunshine. It was really nice to see some of the couples who have married at Left Bank Leeds amongst the crowd too!

The sunshine added to the amazing vibe and the DJs really got the party started. Our Events Manager Esme said, “You could hardly see the grass, it was chock-a-block. People brought their own camping chairs, it was really nice.”

The money raised from the festival goes into the development of Left Bank Leeds, maintaining the building and helps us to put on a varied programme of events and art throughout the year. Speaking of which, this year we to ran an art exhibition alongside the Beer Festival, using the opportunity to showcase some of the great graphic design talents from some of the local breweries in Leeds.

The Beer by Design exhibition features a new collection of works produced exclusively for us by Mike Williams of The Brewer’s Design Society entitled, Single Hop Series.

Mike Williams is a self-taught artist that uses painting as a mindful experience, having focused on building a freelance design career he has returned to painting abstract forms as a welcome addition to hectic daily life.

Single Hop Series is a collection of twelve textural and minimalist paintings that use rigid monochromatic forms along with a mixture of paint and dried hops. Each painting features a different variety of hops and has been produced by adding layers of paint and material in a free-flowing manner to give depth to the canvas. The bold simplicity of the works aims to represent the balance and complexity of bringing together simple ingredients to create bold flavours and aromas.


“When producing this work I explored the different characteristics that hops provide as well as their impact on the final profile of a beer. This is my interpretation of just a few of the vast array of commercially available hops.”

– The Brewer’s Design Society.

Alongside Single Hops Series sit works from the design archives of Eyes Brewery, Zapato, North Brewing Co., Mad Hatters and Ilkley Brewery. These colourful bold prints showcase the varying visual styles of some of the region’s favourite and up and coming breweries.

This week is your final opportunity to see the Beer by Design exhibition in the Porch Gallery at Left Bank Leeds so please do pop in during our public opening times on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May, 10am-4pm.