Celebrating our friends Hyde Park Picture House

Ahead of their major refurbishment scheduled for this year, we decided to celebrate our LS6 neighbours Hyde Park Picture House with a photography exhibition in our Porch Gallery. Titled People of the Picture House, the exhibition features portraits of staff, volunteers and visitors who help to make the cinema into the cosy community hub that it is. As we’re now closed due to Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, we’ve put the exhibition online.

The planned refurbishments, known as The Picture House Project, were due to start in March 2020 and aimed to protect and preserve the historic features of the building while making it more sustainable, comfortable and accessible. Unfortunately, the ongoing situation with Coronavirus has put those plans in jeopardy due to loss of income from screenings.

If you’re able to support Hyde Park Picture House during this time, please donate to their Response Fund or buy a gift voucher to use in the future.

People of the Picture House

Leeds-based photographer Lee Brown has spent the last two years taking pictures in the Hyde Park Picture House’s public and behind-the-scenes spaces. His own link to the Picture House stretches back several generations to his great, great grandparents, who took his nana there as a child. Years later, it was to become the setting for one of Lee’s first dates with his wife and has a remained a favourite place for the two of them ever since.

Lee’s striking portraits reveal the characters woven into the history of the Picture House and those helping to preserve it for the future. Each portrait is accompanied by a short text that provides insight into the subject’s connection to the place. Click on or hover over the pictures to discover more.