Meet the Brewer

It’s exciting times in brewing at the moment. As tastes change and the appeal widens, the industry is seeing a resurgence that could be likened to that of wine in the 1980s.

Whilst traditional UK beer styles are still in demand, the UK beer ‘revolution’ can be attributed, in part, to the increased popularity of big flavour high-end American IPA imports which have influenced UK tastes and brewing styles. Our newer breed of drinkers are more likely to be seeking out the latest 8.4% West Coast IPA, DIPA’s, Sour’s, or triple hopped creations rather than a traditional pint.

Accountancy group ‘UHY Hacker Young’ reported an 8% rise in the number of UK breweries in 2015 reaching almost 1,700 by the end of the year, and a dramatic 65% increase over the previous 5 years from 1,026 in 2010. Independent micro-breweries have led the onslaught buoyed by favourable tax treatments and an increase in demand as ‘beer’ becomes popular with different demographics.

On the face of it, what most of us see of the brewing and beer landscape now is an industry which has undeniably changed in just a few years. In essence brewing and beer got cool, right? Well let’s find out what the brewers think.

To celebrate the the 7th annual LS6 Beer Festival, Left Bank Leeds commissioned photographer Max Miechowski to photograph and interview some of the leading brewers in Yorkshire. A selection of images were exhibited at the LS6 Beer Festival. You can delve deeper into the world of brewing and see the people behind the craft and find out what motivates them in this beautiful online publication. 


Meet The Brewer | May 2017




Text by guest contributor, Darren Mills.