Volunteering: Social Media Champion

Social Media Champion

We’re looking for a team of socially savvy volunteers who can help us to spread the word and increase the reach of our posts and events on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you if you are naturally enthusiastic about Left Bank Leeds and feel happy about promoting our exhibitions, events and opportunities and bringing them to a wider audience.

Ideally, you’ll be an active social media user and a member of public and/or private groups, relating to art, culture, community and children’s events. As a social media champion, we’d ask you to share our posts and opportunities within these groups and encourage people to get involved with us.

If you like, we’ll provide you with a Left Bank Leeds tote bag to use when you are out and about at arts & cultural events, helping us to get our brand noticed. We’d love to see the bag feature in some of your photos and we may even feature you on our channels.

Are you:

–    active on the most popular social media channels?

–    able to spare a few minutes each week to like and share our posts and events?

–    happy to be an ambassador for Left Bank?

– positive and enthusiastic?

–    a good written communicator who can tell people about our events and opportunities in simple terms online?

Volunteer commitment:

As much time as you can spare – it might just be a few minutes a week.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Please complete the form below to register your interest.